UKCRIS: Much more than just secure data centre hosting

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A testimonial from Mike Denis, Chief Executive Officer, Akrivia Health


During a market assessment of possible hosting locations for the Clinical Record Interactive Search (CRIS) Application ( in 2018, Swansea Universities Data Science Team were recommended to the CRIS Programme team at University of Oxford. At the time, the hosting provider of the CRIS platform were closing their data centre and we required an alternative hosting provider.
The team at Swansea were suggested to us and specifically their SeRP Platform-as-a-Service. SeRP UK is used by many research organisations across the UK to host research data within a secure research environment enabling collaborative research. SeRP offered an additional added value to the CRIS Programme over and above our current hosting provider. SeRP UK was created as a response to provide a technological solution for the Secure Anonymised Information Linkage (SAIL) Databank and in doing so, had gained significant credibility in the process.


SeRP UK is accredited to the ISO270001 information security standard, which in conjunction with our Information Governance arrangements. Ensuring that the platform and the 12 Mental Health Trusts that are part of our Network and provide their data are adhering to UK law and providing sufficient reassurances to them as Data Controllers.


In May 2019 Cristal Health Limited T/A Akrivia Health formed as a spin out of the University of Oxford. Swansea are one of the Data Processors for Akrivia Health and the Trusts data and we’re happy to state this on our website ( as well as in our legal agreements with the Trusts.


The CRIS programme and subsequently Akrivia Health has hosted data securely in Swansea since September 2018 and are now moving to our second term of data hosting. We are looking forward to strengthening our working relationships with the team in Swansea and enabling the research agenda changing the trajectory of Mental Health and Dementias.

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