Commited to the highest standards

Assurance & Accreditations

Committed to the highest standards.

SeRP is a high powered, safe and secure e-research platform. It allows data owners and researchers to store, access, share, analyse and link data, at scale, in a governed environment whilst maintaining full control of the data at all times.

SeRP is independently audited and accredited to the highest standards. ISO 27001 is an internationally recognised best-practice standard for an information Security Management System (ISMS). SeRP is entrusted by world-leading organisations and institutions as a comprehensive data platform. These accreditations, and a dedicated legal and compliance expert, demonstrate SeRP’s commitment to a robust governance policy and to the continuous improvement of its systems and associated controls.

SeRP is the perfect solution for any organisation that has accumulated a large amount of data, that intends to share that data for the purposes of research and long term benefit to society, and that wants to do so in the most secure and safe way possible to reduce associated risks.



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