Dementias Platform Australia powered by SeRP Australia

Dementias Platform Australia (DPAU) provides Australian researchers with access to research data from multiple dementia studies carried out in Australia and internationally. DPAU is led by UNSW Sydney’s Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing (CHeBA) working in partnership with SeRP Australia at Monash University, Melbourne. DPAU also operates in partnership with Dementias Platform UK (DPUK), who also […]

SAIL Databank: A World-Class Trusted Research Environment (TRE)

What is SAIL Databank? SAIL stands for Secure Anonymised Information Linkage. The SAIL Databank is a world-class flagship for the robust secure storage and use of anonymised person-based data for research to improve health, wellbeing and public services. Originally a repository of health data, SAIL’s data assets now include a range of administrative datasets to […]

HealthWise Wales: The SAPPHIRe portal powered by SeRP

HealthWise Wales (HWW) has used and operated a SeRP tenancy since it began in 2015. The project aims to build a rich cohort of self-reported, longitudinal health and lifestyle data for the population of Wales, UK. Facilitated by SeRP, the storage, linkage and anonymised use of these data allow for robust research and intelligence-driven health […]

ALSPAC: Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children

CO90s Trusted Research Environment logo

What is ALSPAC? ALSPAC – The Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (also known as Children of the 90s) is a world-leading birth cohort study that collects multi-generational data from participants through biological sampling, clinical measures, questionnaires and record linkage. ALSPAC receives core funding from the UK Medical Research Council, the Wellcome Trust and the University […]

SeRP & LinXmart: Intelligent Data Linkage

The Population Data Science Team at Swansea University and The Centre for Data Linkage at Curtin University, located on Australia’s western coast in Perth, have a long-standing relationship founded on many years of collaboration. This partnership capitalises on the alliance of two advanced data technology platforms. Developed within Swansea University Medical School, the Secure eResearch […]