SeRP Co-director’s keynote at ADR UK event addresses the next evolution in Trusted Research Environments

keynote at ADR UK event addresses the next evolution in Trusted Research Environments

SeRP Co-director, Professor Simon Thompson, gave the keynote address at Administrative Data Research (ADR) UK’s annual partnership meeting. This year’s theme… Advancing together, shaping tomorrow Professor Thompson’s keynote addressed the immediate and potential future challenges faced by Trusted Research Environments. And how, by harnessing innovative tools and concepts like AI, machine learning and data federation, […]

A SeRP powered Trusted Research Environment for value-based healthcare analysis

Trusted Research Environment

A SeRP powered Trusted Research Environment (TRE) has been used in the recent study (pre-print): ‘Value-Based Healthcare in practice: IDEATE, a collaboration to design and test an outcomes-based agreement for a medicine in Wales’. Project IDEATE (Innovation in Data to Evolve Agreements That Enhance patient health outcomes) is a collaboration to design and test an […]

The UK LLC Trusted Research Environment exposes the long-Covid evidence gap

UKLLC Trusted Research Environment study on long covid evidence gap

First published by UK LLC on 12th June 2024 Find out more about the UK LLC Trusted Research Environment (TRE) Researchers used data collected by eight UK Longitudinal Population Studies (LPS) that were linked with data from electronic healthcare records from NHS England. Data were brought together by UK Longitudinal Linkage Collaboration (UK LLC) and […]

Discussing AI Risk: Lewis Hotchkiss, Neuroimaging Research Officer, DPUK Data Portal

SeRP Trusted Research Environment AI Risk image

We sat down with Neuroimaging Research Officer, Lewis Hotchkiss, from the Dementias Platform UK Data Portal to discuss AI risk in data science. Operating on a SeRP tenancy, The DPUK Data Portal brings together complex data from multiple cohorts into a single, secure environment – a free-to-use resource containing neuroimaging data from over 3000 participants […]

Swansea University to support Population Research UK: a national hub for longitudinal population studies

The University of Bristol and UCL will lead the Population Research UK (PRUK) co-ordination hub, part of an existing strategic investment from the UKRI Infrastructure Fund ( The UK is a world leader in population research, bolstered by its unique collection of longitudinal population studies, which follow groups of people over time. Individually, the studies […]

SeRP Hubs: In conversation with Professor Simon Thompson

In this interview with Professor Simon Thompson, SeRP’s Co-director discusses SeRP’s new hosted TRE solution. SeRP Hubs allow projects or entire programmes or work to sit as a self-contained research programme, inside a host organisation’s TRE. In this video, Professor Thompson explains how TRE-grade security, infrastructure, and governance can be achieved without the operational and […]

SeRP joins Elixir UK community: Part of a European consortia for life science research

ELIXIR-UK welcomes Swansea University as its newest member, strengthening collaborative efforts in biological data management. The UK Node proudly welcomes Swansea University into its network, further expanding its reach and impact in biological data management and analysis. With the addition of Swansea University, ELIXIR-UK now consists of 27 UK research-performing organisations dedicated to advancing scientific research and […]

A common framework for health data governance standards

Published in the journal, Nature Medicine, the team at SeRP with colleagues across Population Data Science, have proposed a six-tiered governance framework for federated health data, with varying levels of data access and sharing, to facilitate the use of health data held within more than one secure environment, while preserving privacy. Standardised data governance approaches […]