Discussing AI Risk: Lewis Hotchkiss, Neuroimaging Research Officer, DPUK Data Portal

We sat down with Neuroimaging Research Officer, Lewis Hotchkiss, from the Dementias Platform UK Data Portal to discuss AI risk in data science.

Operating on a SeRP tenancy, The DPUK Data Portal brings together complex data from multiple cohorts into a single, secure environment – a free-to-use resource containing neuroimaging data from over 3000 participants across 20 cohort studies and genomic data from over 140,000 participants across 16 cohort studies.

Lewis’ research interests are in how machine learning can be applied to neuroimaging data to help us better understand how ageing and neurodegenerative diseases affect the brain.

In this interview with Lewis, we discuss the growing use of AI in data analytics, its risks within the context of health data research, techniques to mitigate AI risk, protecting patient privacy, and the use of Trusted Research Environments (TRE) to safely share AI models.

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