Tailored protection for you and your data


Our time-tested, robust governance protocols that underpin SeRP, can be customised to meet any project’s specific requirements allowing you to build the SeRP that’s right for your research.

SeRP is ISO27001 certified and UK Statistics Authority accredited under the Digital Economy Act 2017. Already pre-approved as an accredited platform for HSCIC (Health and Social Care Information Centre) data sharing framework agreements, these accreditations mean regular audits and inspections give your programme increased credibility with enhanced security. Additionally, full audit trails are available upon request at any time. So not only does SeRP protect your organisation from reputational risk of potential data compromises by storing data in an accredited and highly regulated environment, it also facilitates the re-use of person based data to satisfy increased public awareness, reduces the time it takes to gain necessary approvals, and enhances cooperation, agreement and data sharing.


Assurance & accreditations

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