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Why join us? There are tech careers and then there are tech careers at SeRP. SeRP is unlike other technical and IT solutions providers because what we do at SeRP genuinely makes the world a better place.

We enable cutting-edge research that improves people’s health and wellbeing. That’s the very reason for our existence. Our tenants and platform users work towards answering society’s biggest questions and challenges, such as; improving the lives of people with chronic health conditions such as dementia and multiple sclerosis, they are monitoring people’s lives over time to examine wellbeing factors, and they are negotiating complex international data landscapes to unlock the true power of routinely collected data held in governments and centralised bodies.

Our staff of data experts and technologists are the people who make it all happen. They are the ones who maintain our systems and operations. They are the ones who ensure our tenants have the platforms and tools required for life-changing research. They are the driving force behind our innovations.

Our current vacancies are listed below and we welcome speculative applications by way of CV.

Current Vacancies.

SeRP welcomes speculative applications to work with us. If you have an IT or Informatics background we’d love to hear from you.

Please use our contact form to send your CV for consideration.