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Ronan Lyons


Ronan is Professor of Public Health at Swansea University, Honorary Consultant in Public Health with Public Health Wales NHS Trust and an adjunct professor at Monash University, Australia. He is Director of the Farr Institute Centre for Improvement of Population Health through E-records Research (CIPHER), Director of the National Centre for Population Health and Wellbeing Research, Co-Director of the DECIPHer UK Public Health Research Centre of Excellence and Co-Director of the Secure Anonymised Information Linkage (SAIL) Databank, the national privacy protecting research infrastructure for Wales. The focus of Ronan’s research is the use of routine data in cohorts, trials and in the evaluation of natural experiments and complex interventions. He led the development of the total population Wales Electronic Cohort for Children as a platform for the evaluation of interventions and policies. He is also involved in linking data to support a number of UK cohorts and cross cohort initiatives, including leading on the development of the analysis platform for the MRC’s Dementias Research Platform UK that will bring together data from 33 cohorts, utilising SeRP.



Assurance & accreditations

“We have partnered with (SeRP) because their experience in health data security is the best in the world. Monash University is committed to guaranteeing data security.”

Professor Ian Smith, Vice-Provost (Research and Research Infrastructure), Monash University, Australia

“SeRP offered an additional added value to the CRIS Programme over and above our current hosting provider… specifically their SeRP Platform-as-a-Service”

Mike Denis, Chief Executive Officer, Akrivia Health