SeRP achieves government standard for cyber attack prevention

SeRP (Secure eResearch Platform) has achieved Cyber Essentials accreditation that further demonstrates SeRP’s commitment and robust safeguards to protect its users, platform tenants and data providers from cyber attacks.
Certification by this government-backed, National Cyber Security Centre scheme, protects against a wide range of cyber attacks and evidences SeRP’s commitment to cyber security.
Achieving the Cyber Essentials standard also acts as an effective deterrent to cyber criminals probing for vulnerabilities, ‘the digital equivalent of a thief trying your front door to see if it’s unlocked.’

This is an important reassurance for our users and tenants who conduct centrally funded research projects, as government and public body contracts often require Cyber Essentials certification for their IT infrastructure.

Professor of Informatics and SeRP Director, Professor David Ford, said,
“We’re very proud to be able to give our partners and collaborators the confidence that SeRP’s highly secure technical controls are now validated against the high standards of the Cyber Essentials criteria. It also provides data controllers with the assurance that all projects conducted within SeRP meet these robust safeguards for data acquisition, storage and utilisation, as we grow and develop our data services.”

SeRP’s Cyber Essentials certification number is IASME-CE-020924.