SeRP Australia

The data research landscape in Australia is extremely complex when it comes to sharing and linking data between regions. SeRP Australia is supporting our Australian partners on their journey to establishing a space for collaboration on a data sharing technology. SeRP Australia can adapt to the complex nature of this data sharing environment to support different approaches to data linkage across the large geographical area that is Australia.

SeRP Australia utilises data from hundreds of clinical trials, medical and population health studies and patient registries to offer approved researchers ground-breaking access to complex healthcare data to better understand a host of disease burdens faced by Australia including cancer, neurodegenerative disorders, heart disease and mental illness.

SeRP Australia provides the mechanism to exchange data between healthcare organisations whilst providing a safe, secure and governed environment to ensure that patient data is safeguarded with confidence. SeRP Australia ensures that any access to the data is fully controlled by the data owner, to ensure appropriate and agreed use.

SeRP Trusted Research Environment Australia implementation