SeRP Canada

To support the health service’s strategic objectives, the Department of Health for British Columbia (BC) have partnered with SeRP. The SeRP Canada implementation is supporting and enabling ongoing research via the leveraging of BC health service data. The SeRP Canada deployment will also enable other projects across BC, through easier dataset querying, wider access to Ministry of Health (MoH) data thereby streamlining the data access process.

SeRP Canada provides the Department of Health with the ability to share datasets across BC Health Boards in a safe, secure and governed environment within British Columbia.

SeRP Canada_Flag

“We have partnered with (SeRP) because their experience in health data security is the best in the world. Monash University is committed to guaranteeing data security.”

Professor Ian Smith, Vice-Provost (Research and Research Infrastructure), Monash University, Australia

“SeRP offered an additional added value to the CRIS Programme over and above our current hosting provider… specifically their SeRP Platform-as-a-Service”

Mike Denis, Chief Executive Officer, Akrivia Health