SeRP Launches A New Website and Brand

Posted by Public Relations Office on Wednesday 15 April 2020 09.40 BST

The Secure eResearch Platform (SeRP) has enlisted the services of Cardiff-based creative agency, Stills, to launch its new brand this Spring.

The work undertaken by Stills has led to the production of a new website, logos, visuals and new promotional materials. The work will support SeRP’s growth and development in establishing itself as a world-leading data solutions infrastructure provider.

SeRP technology has been underpinning organisations like SAIL Databank and Health Data Research (HDR) UK for the last decade. In that time SeRP has been adopted by many other organisations and projects who recognise the benefits that SeRP can offer those involved in data sharing, anonymisation, linkage and analysis.

With its technical dexterity and ability to offer a controlled, governed environment, accredited to the highest international standard, SeRP has now evolved to become a distinct marketable product.

Managing Director of Stills, Mr Steve Sulley, said, “The challenge for us was to create a look and feel that spoke of a superior technological solution whilst at the same time embodying the human aspect that symbolises the type of work that SeRP is engaged in”.

The next chapter in the story of SeRP will see greater expansion of its ‘Implementations’ both domestically and internationally. SeRP has its sights set on the global data landscape as a means to deliver positive impact to societies around the world using its governed data environment.

These new resources will also help to define and endorse SeRP’s suite of data ‘solutions’ and reinforce its wide variety of customisation options available to suit different projects. This includes the ability to handle very large and complex data types like genetics and imaging data.

Programme Manager of SeRP, Mr Richard Hier, said, “We’re very excited about the future of SeRP. We now have all the tools we need to meet the challenges of global competition in the data solutions marketplace. Together with this new bold brand we’re confident that SeRP has the capabilities to excel and become a dominant force for data sharing, linkage, anonymisation and analysis”.

Hospitals and healthcare systems routinely collect and hold large amounts of data on their patients within health care records systems. Using this data, and sharing it with others allow health systems improve the services provided to patients and accelerate the research process to deliver improvements in healthcare.

Research using shared and linked data can also provide insight into areas that can be developed to provide more efficient services, offer improved treatments to patients, as well as  enhancing the patient experience.