SeRP Linkage: Proudly offering award-winning LinXmart technology to its tenants.

Congratulations to our linkage partners – LinXmart

In an announcement on 20th November 2020, LinXmart have been recognised by Curtin University’s 2020 Curtinnovation Awards – winning the Health Sciences category

SeRP incorporates the award-winning data linkage capabilities provided by specialist software, LinXmart, developed by the Centre for Data Linkage at Curtin University, Perth, Australia.

‘The awards identify new technologies, products and services arising from research at Curtin… judged against criteria including the level of innovation and commercial potential.’

LinXmart is a secure, fast and scalable data linkage software, with data management capabilities and the ability to manage complex and dynamic linked datasets.

LinXmart uses advanced matching methods to determine if records from different data collections are common to an individual. The software takes into account missing information and errors in data, for example, typographical errors, and produces highly accurate matched results. A key feature of LinXmart is loading, processing and linking privacy-preserved data, which does not does not require the release of personal identifiers.

The seamless integration of the LinXmart software within the SeRP platform is now operating across its UK, Australia and Canada implementations.

Read more about SeRPs collaboration with LinXmart in a recent case study here Congratulations to the team, Dr Anna Ferrante, Mr Adrian Brown, Dr Sean Randall and Professor James Boyd (La Trobe University). 
title image: by monicore from Pixabay