SeRP is the complete customisable solution for data sharing, linkage and analysis in a safe, secure and controlled environment that’s accredited to the highest international standard.


Government policies can often restrict the sharing of certain data from your servers. SeRP Federate’s TRE enables your data to support research across the globe without compromising any security.


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When your project needs some extra processing power, our Scale solution enables you to draw on a local level boost to your desktop. Projects involving AI and machine learning often require next level computing power, and Scale will provide the improvement to your spec and storage capacity that you need.


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Using world leading technology, Linkage offers probabilistic and deterministic approaches, SeRP Linkage provides a reliable, accurate and intelligent data linkage services that can enable record linkage across your datasets.


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SeRP Safe is a controlled environment developed to allow the sharing of large data. Using a robust NLP module and user friendly query management, it allows a ‘data in’ and ‘answers out’ task straightforwardly via it’s intuitive, safe and secure interface.


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“We have partnered with (SeRP) because their experience in health data security is the best in the world. Monash University is committed to guaranteeing data security.”

Professor Ian Smith, Vice-Provost (Research and Research Infrastructure), Monash University, Australia

“SeRP offered an additional added value to the CRIS Programme over and above our current hosting provider… specifically their SeRP Platform-as-a-Service”

Mike Denis, Chief Executive Officer, Akrivia Health

"The establishment of Dementia Platform Australia (DPAU), led by The Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing at UNSW Sydney, has benefited from the existing SeRP instance at Monash University, Australia. Utilising an established SeRP instance has facilitated a relatively straight forward implementation of DPAU. SeRP is a trusted and proven technology and DPAU is confident that SeRP is the optimal solution for our data sharing platform."

Vibeke S. Catts, PhD, Research Manager, Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing (CHeBA)

"SeRP data security was perfect, very important for Genes & Health - a data breach is our number one risk and would lose the confidence of our volunteers and researchers"

Professor David van Heel, Professor of Genetics at Queen Mary University of London and Chief Investigator at East London Genes & Health