Trusted Research Environment

SeRP is the complete customisable solution for data sharing, linkage and analysis in a safe, secure and controlled environment that’s accredited to the highest international standard.


Our new Hosted TRE solution, allows your project or programme to sit as a self-contained research programme, inside a Host Organisation’s TRE.

Enjoy the security, infrastructure, and governance of a TRE, without the operational and financial commitment of setting up your own.

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Providing researchers with a collaborative space for the research analysts to unlock the real power of collaborative insight. Our collaborate product provides you with a suite of analysis tools for data mining, and offers you the peace of mind that all data is securely stored, with access rules set by you.

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Think of this solution as “Collaborate Light”, all the same security and collaborative power, but with a limited selection of analysis tools for a shallower dive into the data.

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Supports the governance approach of your organisation or data custodians. Providing a simple user interface it enables approved administrative staff to be in total control of who has access to data and for how long. Secure doesn’t have a single approach to governance, it has your approach to governance whatever that maybe.

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