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Hosted TREs

Our new Hosted TRE solution, allows your project or programme to sit as a self-contained research programme, inside a Host Organisation’s TRE.

Enjoy the security, infrastructure, and governance of a TRE, without the operational and financial commitment of setting up your own.

We understand that not all of you have the financial and operational resources to establish a Trusted Research Environment (TRE) for your own project or programme.

We also appreciate the benefits a TRE brings to the life of a researcher, simplifying cohort analysis, providing critical infrastructure and a solid foundation on which to work. Add to that the governance and support provided by a TRE, and it starts to feel like it’s a must have.

Well, we are delighted to now be able to offer all the benefits of a TRE, for a fraction of the cost and effort, widening access to a range of smaller organisations.

You get all the governance, security, and technical infrastructure of a TRE, but you only need to manage your HUB of cohort information.

Think of it as renting a room in the host organisation’s house. Yes, there are house rules, but you can customise your room in whichever way you see fit.

We at SERP will work with you to find the best host organisation for your tenancy, considering data type, methodology and cultural fit as part of the matching process.

If you have a project or programme that could benefit from this new Hub approach, please get in touch with Programme Manager Richard Hier at

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