A unique combination of features that sets SeRP apart from others


A unique combination of features that sets SeRP apart from others:

  1. Simple User Interface. Manage your projects and users in a single easy to understand and navigate user experience.
  2. Data Quality Analysis. Manage and provide data quality information on datasets at the point of upload.
  3. State-of-the-art Data Linkage. Maximise relational links between different datasets.
  4. Data de-identification. Anonymise data.
  5. Full suite of analytical tools. A set of tools to allow you to analyse the data using the product that you are most familiar with.
  6. Wide range of data storage technologies. Manage, store and process the data.
  7. Store and analyse diverse forms of data. Accommodates complex data types and multiple record systems.
  8. Large scale High Performance Computing capability. Solve larger problems with the data.
  9. Secure, remote access. Eliminate geographical limitations.
  10. Tailored governance. ISO 27001 certified and UK Statistics Authority accredited governance to meet your specific needs.

Create Your Own Bespoke Solution

If you are still unsure whether a complete off-the-shelf solution is right for your project, organisation and budget, then you’ll be pleased to know that SeRP has a wide variety of customisation options available to suit your project including a variety of multi-modal add-ons for different data types (e.g. genetics, imaging etc.). It is possible to incorporate your own software or systems within SeRP negating the need to spend time and money on training. It is an expandable, flexible and reconfigurable solution that grows with your project as it develops over time.

Whilst you remain in full control of your own data, you can also enjoy the convenience of ownership whilst only paying for what you actually need – keeping your costs as low as possible.

Why SeRP?